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Hover Fly – the sequel

“Hover Fly is Famous” – and the story continues …

A month ago I told the amusing story “Hover Fly is Famous” at Café Ludwig. That seemed to me to be end of it. It had been more than the allotted fifteen minutes of fame.  Turns out there is more to the story. LK8_1525-P3-1024When the story ended “Hover Fly” had been accepted for the “Images of Nature” exhibit and also got itself into the even advertising. It even made it to the large placard in front of The Rectory, the exhibit venue.

The opening reception was a very well attended event and there was a surprise.

"Images of Nature" Exhibit

"Images of Nature" Exhibit

"Images of Nature" Exhibit

"Images of Nature" Exhibit

The little yellow fellow got the yellow ribbon, Third place in the Wildlife category. So for the past month it proudly showed of its award to the visitors to the exhibit. It even was featured in a presentation to the Savannah chapter of the Georgia Nature Photographers Association.

WP_000981-P2-640And what is Hover Fly doing now? Well come on over to Objet d’Art Gallery and Studio and take a close look at it there.









News for August 2014

Photo Exhibit “Images of Nature”

August 15, 2014 to September 8, 2014

The City of Norcross Cultural Arts and the Northeast Atlanta Chapter of the Georgia Nature Photographers Association will present an exhibit of nature photographs at the Rectory in Norcross, Georgia


Images of Nature

Please see the GNPA Announcement. You are most cordially invited to come to the opening reception on August 15, 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Rectory in Norcross, Georgia. Please come and enjoy the exhibit.

The exhibit will include two of my photos, including one of my favorites: Hover Fly. I also used this image on my Calendar 2014 and as the July 2014 calendar page photo.